Studio Updates

What We Are Doing To Keep You Safe....
  • When you return to EYC, you might notice things look a bit different, based and state guidelines all of the reformers has been spaced 14 ft apart and are spaced between our front and back studio room

  • The floor will be marked with tape to ensure the reformers remain 14 ft apart

  • You will notice bottles of hand sanitizer placed all over the studio

  • Each reformer will have a spray bottle of Force Of Nature Cleaner next to it, and paper towels. This cleaner is certified to kill the covid - 19 virus

  • You will see tons of signage around the studio! This will include our Covid - 19 plan, directions for traffic flow in the studio and social distancing reminders!

  • Per state guidelines we are permitted to have only 8 people per 1000ft in the studio.

  • Our Studio is 3200SQF!

  • Classes are limited to 10 People per class, this gives us plenty of space for distancing!!

  • To ensure we have the proper space for each client please do not bring children or guests to class

  • If you are not feeling well, Please do not come to the studio

  • If you have been asked to quarantine due to travel, exposure to Covid - 19 or illness Please do not come to the studio until your quarantine period has passed

  • Prior to heading out for your class or appointment @ EYC please take your temperature. If it is over 99.9 please do not come to the studio

  • When you arrive at EYC, Please wear a mask when entering the building

  • A mask is required at all times when you are moving around the studio and the building

  • Reformers are 14 ft apart, A mask is highly suggested but not required during your class. A mask must be worn at all times when you are not on your Reformer

  • We know you all love your favorite spot and reformer in class! We are all creatures of habit so we totally understand you want to get to class early and grab your spot. For now, clients are asked to wait in their cars until 5 minutes prior to their scheduled class or private session. Clients will not be permitted to enter the studio before this time.

  • Please use Hand Sanitizer before entering and exiting the studio. There will be hand sanitizer provided by all doorways

  • Please leave all personal belongings in your car

  • We will now enter thru the front door of the studio and exit through the back door of the back room of the studio

  • Our seating area / waiting area will be closed for now so we ask that you do not congregate before or after your class

  • We highly suggest you bring a clean towel to place on your reformer to create an extra barrier during your class

  • Please remain 6 ft apart from all other clients and EYC Staff while at the studio

  • Socks are required for all classes and private sessions


Engage Your Core!

There’s no denying that the COVID pandemic has had a detrimental effect on everyone and everything in the country the past 8 months. According to CNBC, 59% of gyms and boutique studios will close permanently by the end of 2020. However, liquor store sales are up 41% from this time a year ago. Coincidence? We don’t think so.
(we are not closing, EYC is here to stay).

At EYC, we have seen the effects of COVID in drastically reduced attendance for our classes these past few months while at the same time, there’s been a significant increase in those looking for more focused attention with their workouts with private training sessions and semi private sessions. Having learned over the years that it’s much smarter to work WITH a given market than to try and fight it, we are modifying our business model until the beginning of the new year to accommodate an increased demand of clients looking for a more focused and socially distant private training. So what does this mean for us all going forward?

Very Focused 1,2, or 4 person private and semi-private training: You can work out with only those friends you want to train with. Pick your own play lists! You and a friend (or friends) can pick a block of training times that work for you all. We’ll lock you into those times and they won’t change from week to week. It’s been proven that any time you train with other people it can create a motivation/competition to go the extra yard in pushing yourself to get more fit, and that’s really why we are here! We will customize the training sessions for your group while maintaining our rigid COVID protocol, keeping your workouts fun, exciting and SAFE, each and every week. Jenna, Nicole, Lauren and Tara are all excited to bring this fun workout to you!

All current group classes will be frozen as of November 1st. A high number of members have been requesting to freeze their class memberships and we don’t see that changing during this time. So we are doing so across the board and freezing all group classes temporarily. Newburyport just announced we are in a “Covid Red Zone.” So we feel this is the best choice for everyone’s safety and for us as a small business. However, we have calculated the value left on any open annual memberships and can help you transfer to one of these new private and semi packages we will be offering. If you have a punch cards you will have the same option to transfer the value of the balance to one of or new options or (You all will also have the option to Freeze the remaining time in your annual membership or punch cards to use when group classes return). Anyone with a freeze will be given VIPscheduling status and will be given 2 weeks to sign up for classes before we announce to anyone else that our classes are open again. Additionally, will get to use the benefit of your membership to the fullest, as once we reopen for classes we will no longer be selling new memberships, just punch cards and singleclasses only. We will look at the practicality and safety concerns of classes once again in early 2021 and notify everyone of any changes. All current members with frozen memberships at that time will receive early notice on new availability prior to our general marketing of them.
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